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Calabasas Lake Homes

Calabasas Lake is a private lake located in the well-known city of Calabasas, California. The Calabasas Lake community features approximately 400 homes, including beautiful waterfront single family ho ...

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Lake Sherwood Homes

World renowned luxury community of Lake Sherwood has earned its reputation for offering an incomparable lifestyle and classic architectural style of homes and townhomes. The Lake Sherwood community si ...

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Malibou Lake Homes

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is one of Southern California’s best-kept secrets, Malibou Lake. The region consists of two locales; Malibou Lake Mountain Club and Malib ...

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Westlake Lake Homes

Along 8 miles of shoreline in Westlake Village sits the private Westlake Lake. Seven neighborhoods run along the approximately 125 acre lake offering a unique lifestyle that’s a rare find in Southern ...

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